Binocular with Full-color Printing and Polythene Cover, Suitable for Gifts

Sn: RF79011
MOQ: 299-499pcs
Delivery: 20 days
Size: 105x82mm
Packing: white box
Material: Paper
  • Promotional paper binoculars with full-color printing and polythene cover, suitable for gifts
  • Foldable paper binoculars, made of ABS, measures 10 x 8cm
  • Foldable paper/cardboard binoculars, different designs are available
  • Material: paper + acryl eyeglass
  • A great and affordable way to use it in major events (Olympics, soccer games, concerts, even just for leisure)
  • It has a 4X zoom capability and it can surly attract people for the fashion design
  • Light weight that can be carried anywhere
  • Basically it is flat from the beginning, then you will just have to put a slight pressure then it will pop up
  • To close just simply put pressure at the top and it will turn flat for easy storage
  • Clients can print their logo for promotion along with some promotional pamphlets
  • This product can be well kept and won't be a one time usage
  • The product here with trademark, brand name and logo is for reference only and not for sale