Promotional drinking straw

Sn: RCDS-001
MOQ: can be customized
FOB Price:
Delivery: by ship, air or courier
Size: can be customized
Packing: can be customized
Material: food-grated PP

·         Material: eco-friendly and food-grated PP.

·         Length: normally 200 to 250mm or as customer's requirement.

·         Drinking straws tailored to your budget and customers’ tastes.

·         Superior Quality but competitive price.

·         The straws can be decorated with lovely charms.

·         We can transform your idea into a prototype in just a few days.

·         We can customize materials, designs and packing.

·         We can supply all kinds of drinking straws----flexible /straight straws, artistic straws, spoon straws.

·         More than 15 years' rich experience can guarantee the quality of each single drinking straw.

·         Richforth is ready to be your reliable partner.